Kim & Khloe Kardashian discuss online dating Ebony boys + a lot more

Kim & Khloe Kardashian discuss online dating Ebony boys + a lot more


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  • Dec 26, 2011
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  • If only black colored citizens were a lot more like other events and try to maintain their unique heritage.

    She talked about that the woman father usually wanted the girl to settle down with an excellent Armenian man.


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  • Dec 26, 2011
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  • We concur. I think it really is a survival thing (they really want their own race/culture to maintained for generations ahead) along with a familiarity problem (additional countries may appear overseas, strange or extremely threatening with their own). Exactly what it comes down to is when two societies combine and kids are manufactured, one society is normally dominant inside the circumstances (the youngsters will usually recognize a lot more with one area or some other). I will read being nervous that children will decide aided by the opposite side most.

    It’s interesting your discuss Indians, because many of them (ones I satisfied) seem to have a superiority complex in relation to White everyone (as well as others), this indicates they generally put themselves/their culture (Indians) at the top.

    But Robert did not get married an Armenian therefore I don’t truly have his concern.


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  • Dec 26, 2011
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  • “He’s black colored but he has got eco-friendly vision?”.

    . Kris hasn’t ever viewed a black person with green eyes before??



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  • She is most likely making reference to this sort of thing:


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  • Dec 27, 2011
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  • Dec 27, 2011
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  • I wish black colored everyone was more like some other racing and try to maintain their own traditions.

    She discussed that the lady father usually wanted the girl to settle straight down with a good Armenian chap.


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  • Dec 27, 2011
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  • Aug 8, 2019
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  • this really is from an interview with Howard stern.

    0:09 Howard expected, “what can it be with you two, best black men?”

    Khloe responds, i am just black colored dudes, states as soon as you get black you won’t ever get back. Kim subsequently states it not the case on her

    0:18 khloe inquire’s when have you missing right back from black? Kim says, We have a boyfriend my personal whole life. Kim then says I’m completely half and half (in relation to matchmaking black and white males)

    0:29 khloe claims the spot where the spouse? Kim states “life before. ” khloe then states 0:35 “and you moved black, and now haven’t eliminated right back.

    0:40 Kim claims that she would though (in relation to online dating white people again)

    1:42: since there is such larger asses, the black colored dudes like a large ass, states Kim

    1:50 Howard says- you love the black colored guy. Khloe jumps in and says, i actually do. Howard next requires perhaps you have have gender with a white man, khloe claims never ever.

    2:00 Howard requires- growing upwards, did you only fantisize about black colored dudes?

    2:07- khloe reacts- when I was actually younger I was everything about black colored guys yet again i am earlier we see white dudes and believe their attractive


    2:20 Howard asks- had been truth be told there a period when your own mom expected or your own parent when he ended up being alive, or Bruce Jenner stated “listen, I’m not prejudice, exactly what is happening right here?

    2:28- khloe and Kim BOTH state yeah.

    2:32 my father states that he always wished us becoming with a Armenian people, Kim says.

    2:46 Kim says my father (Robert k) got difficulties with it and following the oj Simpson thing, i believe he was like got sort of safety about any of it but then knew it had been simply likely to be the way in which it actually was so it was not planning to alter

    3:22- Howard requires- had been the first kiss dark? Kim states no. My personal first boyfriend wasnt black colored. Khloe claims no, my earliest hug wasn’t black colored

    3:33- Howard asks- do you believe black colored guys much better between the sheets, khloe says idk reason which is all I become with. 3:42 Kim states it’s all about the chemistry

    4:16 Howard asks about Reggie plant and pass away the guy have a huge cock. Kim laughed it well and mentioned that she doesn’t including talking about stuff like that. 4:26 khloe responds with stating “his sholonng”

    4:29- Howard requires that the most significant knob (when it comes to Reggie plant and Lamar Odom) Kim says- well Lamar is most likely 2 in taller. Khloe says he (Lamar) is a couple of Reggie.

    5:24- Howard asks- do you ladies previously choose to go to the ghetto to hang on? Their most in the black tradition. you ever before go to a very worst location to hold on? Khloe and Kim laugh hysterically 5:34 khloe states yeah, I really like the swat suits

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