Filtration pitchers are simple, inexpensive assistance for improving the quality of your own drinking tap water.

Filtration pitchers are simple, inexpensive assistance for improving the quality of your own drinking tap water.

But even though some items are created solely to address flavor impurities, others just like the Epic uncontaminated water filtration Pitcher are just like having your own water therapy place inside home. If you have youngsters in the house and bother about toxic pollutants which can be hiding in their cups, you want the filtration capacity best an Epic could offer.

Legendary Pure Water Filtration Assessment

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Few filtration pitchers complement the filtration potential and flawless technology with the Epic natural. Its BPA-free and gets rid of around 99.99per cent percent in excess of 200 plain tap water contamination, like the many harmful to girls and boys, instance lead, fluoride, glyphosate and PFOAS. Top-quality solid carbon strain tend to be laboratory analyzed and surpass most NSF/ANSwe Standards. Epic posts the entire test research for transparency.

The tough Tritan pitcher holds a good-sized two liters and is also designed for ease. Functions from a drinking water dam that stops spills to and an easy-fill flip-top lid enable it to be a breeze to utilize, also for teens. Your household receives the best-tasting, finest water funds can buy, and its hassle-free just Epic makes it this easy.

    Thorough contaminant decrease Space-saving style Easy-fill top Safety-certified Lifetime guarantee
    Pitchers are not dishwasher-safe

Best Legendary Pure Water Filtration Pitcher Q & One

  • Q: just how long perform the carbon strain latest?
  • A: Epic sheer Pitcher filter systems have actually a lifetime of 3 to 4 months, based average everyday use and drinking water top quality. Highly polluted water reduces the life span regarding the filter. A handy LED timekeeper reminds one to change it every 90 days.
  • Q: Does this filter pull advantageous vitamins?
  • A: No, the healthy vitamins your system needs, like calcium supplements, magnesium and potassium, are not eliminated.
  • Q: Is It Possible To utilize this pitcher to filter well drinking water?
  • A: Yes, nevertheless Epic sheer cant making untreated really water naturally secure to drink, so that its most secure to make use of with disinfected municipal liquids unless your properly is examined and harbors no germs.

My Take

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Liquid pitchers arent too difficult, but the legendary natural will come close. In the event that aim of blocking liquid would be to allow as safe as is possible and promote their taste, absolutely nothing can it better. The processed style gets rid of the most widespread grievances about reduced pitchers it’s easy to fill, well-balanced and pours perfectly.

I wish it comprise dishwasher-safe, but its limited give up for just what may be the best drinking water filter pitcher obtainable. The first pricing is more than the opposition, however become that which you pay money for sign up for it is a spend you wont feel dissapointed about.

Epic Clear Water Filter Abilities Features

Several families has given abreast of h2o pitchers because most are an annoyance to make use of. Give consideration to exactly how these features make the legendary natural a drinking water filter pitcher for your home:

Contaminants Blocked:

The legendary sheer decrease these typical contaminants:

  1. Lead
  2. Mercury
  3. Arsenic
  4. Fluoride
  5. PFAS
  6. Chromium 6
  7. Pesticides
  8. Herbicide like glyphosate
  9. Chlorine
  10. Chloramine
  11. Human Hormones
  12. Microplastics
  13. Sediment
  14. Trace pharmaceuticals plus

Micron Rating

a technical liquid filtration lowers impurities by excluding particles larger than their skin pores. Assessed in microns millionth of a meter small the skin pores, the less toxins that move across.

The Epic Pures coconut carbon filtration eliminates impurities right down to two microns. Its not little sufficient to shield you from all bacteria or parasites, but its one of the better filtration potential for domestic pitchers.


Nothings bad than a dried out h2o pitcher whenever everybody on desk desires a drink prevent undersized brands. The legendary sheer features a generous 2-liter capability thats roughly 8.5 cups or six average-size tumblers. Its plenty for children of four.


Drinking water pitchers has a credibility for cracking I encourage only tough sizes for kids. The legendary sheer is constructed of BPA-free, shatter-resistant Tritan plastic material for longevity featuring an entire D-handle. The cheaper half manages on some systems become frustrating for teens to hold, and they give no architectural balance with the pitcher.

Filtration Lives

Once you understand when you should replace filter systems isnt a precise technology because h2o high quality impacts results. Altering filter systems too early is not affordable, but prepared too long way toxic contamination could seep through.

Epic Pure filter systems last on average 3 months and shopping for $36, nevertheless save 20-percent by becoming a member of Epics wash liquid Club. An LED signal constructed into the lid informs you with regards tos energy for a swap. Its a foolproof system that assures the most trusted liquid possible.


The state Sanitation Foundation (NSF) operates a voluntary qualifications regimen for h2o filtration services and products. Theyve produced hundreds of specifications that deal with essential efficiency requirements. Numbers correspond to certain criteria, so consumers can verify theyre getting exactly what bargained for.

The Epic sheer is NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401 and P473 certified, meaning they decrease:

  • Aesthetic, flavor and scent pollutants
  • Identified harmful contamination
  • Promising impurities toxins not even regulated of the EPA
  • PFOA and PFOS

Not all the companies publish items for certificates Dating by age singles sites due to the cost, its the sole results warranty a customer enjoys. The us government doesnt taste or regulate liquids filter systems. Avoid types that dont satisfy these criteria.

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