Hearsay: evidently she constructed with Jordan on Dirty 30. There’s also that scuttlebutt spread out by Melissa expressing she made out with Tony on Vendettas.

Hearsay: evidently she constructed with Jordan on Dirty 30. There’s also that scuttlebutt spread out by Melissa expressing she made out with Tony on Vendettas.


Hook-ups: Kam got a crush on Eddie, them AYTO5 excellent accommodate, until Alicia was available in a rested with him or her.

Gossip: She and Leroy got Kamroy on Vendettas, however, the level inside partnership had not been demonstrated on television.


Commitments: Kayleigh and Joss came out as exes on Ex throughout the seashore UK.

Hook-Ups: latest month you observed the lady with Nelson awhile, and apparently she made out with Bananas. Likewise, we don’t recognize too much about Ex the shore UK, but the girl affinity for men named residue appears appropriate.


Hook-ups: Kyle installed with Cara Maria throughout Vendettas and following period ended, but this never ever evolved into a connection. He also constructed with Marie at the start of the growing season.

Suggestion: It seems that he or she constructed with Sylvia, which refused almost all of their improves.


Relationships: Marie put the lady Real World month together roomie Robb.

Hook-ups: During this lady concise period on Invasion, Marie connected with Anthony. At the start of Vendettas, she connected with Kyle.


Hook-ups: Melissa connected with Nicole during Vendettas, but who realize could there be got any actual ideas engaging here. She also installed with Ash during Ex regarding the seaside UK, which severed this lady friendship with Kayleigh.


Interaction: Natalie had a connection with James on BB18, plus the showmance enhanced right after the program.

Hook-ups: On Vendettas, she ended up being involving apples until his own connect to Kayleigh wrecked her commitment.


Hook-ups: Nelson’s initially noteworthy get together is this Cheyenne on AYTO3. On Invasion the guy eventually hooked up with LaToya before she ended up being eradicated. On Vendettas the guy installed with Kayleigh until the woman hook up with Bananas.

Gossips: in the attack gathering Ashley M. advertised she hooked up with Nelson. More recently, he has started observed with Nurys from AYTO6.


Relations: On Ex regarding ocean, Paulie rekindled his own relationship together with ex Lexi. This individual begun to hack on her behalf the moment manufacturing offered his or her cellular phone right back after shooting concluded. He had been also involved with some Bachelor contestant known as Danielle.

Hook-ups: On government, he had been in a “showmance” with Zakiyah. He also connected with Cara Maria seemingly.


Commitments: Though never ever proven on TV, he had been in a connection with Ryan K. before new beef. Shane feels its for these reasons Ryan had been shed.

Hook-ups: Nick on conflict of genders 2. He’s also kissed some of the models from the tv show.

Rumor: however there’s the CT suggestion, but Shane provides declined.


Hook-ups: Sylvia perhaps appreciated to be with her hook up with Bruno regarding Real World.

Gossips: obviously one thing occurred between the lady and Kyle on Vendettas. Then she developed a condition and had to go house.


Associations: in advance of being on Have You the right one? moment likelihood, Tori got ended a connection with AYTO3/ real-world: terrible blood flow cast manhood Mike Crescenzo. When this tramp returned for dusty 30, she got merely separated with Derrick. After Grimy Thirty she set out a connection with her current boyfriend, Jordan.

Hook-ups: Though never becoming formal, Tori installed together with her AYTO “perfect match” Morgan multiple times.

Suggestion: about dusty 30 party it has been suggested Tori connect to succeed from AYTO.


Romance: During filthy 30, it was in the end affirmed that Veronica and Rachel dated for several years in the mid-00s.

Hook-ups: the woman notorious threesome with Abe and Rachel in the Gauntlet.

Rumors: In the early concern instances, Veronica got a rumored connect to James from Avenue principles: Maximum rate concert tour. She in addition experienced a rumored connect to Brad in the early obstacle instances along with a rumored hook up with Darrell. The wrecks, she used some kind of relationship with Evan to upfront in the game. On Dirty 30, it absolutely was claimed that this gal connect to Aneesa but both models has established it was just generation magical.


Associations: throughout the real-world, Zach started to be romantically involved in Ashley K. Their partnership made it through past The Real World, to the point where they weren’t eligible for showdown on the Exes. Once Battle regarding the conditions folded all around, the man set out internet dating Jonna. After fight belonging to the Seasons the man going dating Ashlee Feldman from real life: brand-new Orleans. On showdown from the Exes 2 he satisfied Jenna, his own newest girl. Though they were look what i found split up long.

Hook-ups: Some lady known as Brooke.

Hearsay: At the start of war belonging to the Seasons, they obviously connect to Trishelle. He also allegedly installed with Danni from your Bad women dance club after (or bringing about) separating with Jonna.

No info for Jozea or Da’Vonne yet.


The Mercenaries and replacements…

Ashley Meter.

Hook-ups: on Real World she constructed with Cory, but put most of the girl moment together with her French partner. Ashley hooked up with Jamie on competitors 3 next settled onto Tony later that month and moved onto Hunter during intrusion.

Gossip: obviously she connect to Nelson during intrusion. There’s in addition a rumor that this tart connected along with her competitors 3 partner Cory.


Interaction: Cory came onto Real World Ex-Plosion just where his own ex Lauren made an appearance as their ex. On Rivals 3 he or she found Cheyenne and even though they may not have become goods, they certainly do have children together. On Ex on the coastline it absolutely was shared he had been a part of Alicia throughout the period of Vendettas, then he attacked a connection with AYTO5 alumnae Taylor whom he will be nonetheless dating.

Hook-ups: regarding real life, he or she hooked up with Jenny and made aside with Ashley metres. After that, the man transferred onto Aneesa on Bloodlines next onto Kailah on attack. When Kailah leftover Dirty 30, the guy hooked up with Camila. Grimy 30 put the three previously mentioned ladies in identical residence, but he’d continue to be game-focused until Alicia arrived to the image.

Hearsay: Ashley Metres, Ariane.


Hook-ups: huntsman is renowned for his own hook up with Ashley on intrusion. After shooting this individual connected with Audrey from AYTO6.


Interactions: Tony is in a longterm union together with his frame within the Real World Alyssa. You in addition become familiar with his additional ex and Skeleton Elizabeth. Via month they maintained a connection with Madison and following year that were there a baby jointly. Tony presently has two toddlers: one with Madison and the other with Alyssa.

Hook-ups: Tony installed with Christina on showdown associated with the Bloodlines, finishing his own union with Madison. They later connected with Camila on filthy Thirty jeopardizing his own commitment with Alyssa. On Rivals 3, while unmarried, he woke right up in the same sleep as Ashley meter.

Gossip: There’s the scuttlebutt he or she hooked up Jessica on Rivals 3 as well as the suggestion distribute my own Melissa of your making aside with Kailah.

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